10 Tips to Successfully Hosting an Indoors Pop Up Event (Part 3)

8. EQUALITY: TREAT EVERYONE EQUALLY. Every customer is important whether they are spending $3 or $100. The $3 customer who was treated well can become a repeat customer who buys constantly and that works in your favor even better. A repeat customer is a good way to measure your impact. So yes, always remember to think Long Term.

9. KEEPING TRACK: Make sure to keep track of your sales as they happen. Whether that means you have to jot them down on a piece of paper and transfer to your Excel sheet later, do that. Doing this will help you spot missing things at the end of the event. Tracking also makes sure that inventory and sales add up.

10. ADVERTIZE!!!! Do not mind that this is the last point. It is in my opinion the most important. If people do not know of the event or that you will be a vendor at an event, they are not going to show up and all your time will be wasted. All you can do is all you can do. So make sure you do all you can do to advertise especially since this is an indoors event and you do not necessarily have the luxury to catch the attention of passersby.


Post event do not forget to tally up those sales. You made it to the other side. You see that it was not as scary as you thought. One experience under your belt and cheers to many more to come! You Got This!!!

Thank you for sticking through for the 3-part series. Share in the comments what your experience has been or what important points I left out. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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