10 Tips to Successfully Hosting an Indoors Pop Up Event (Part 2)


4. RISE N SHINE: Wake up early. Give yourself enough time to get in the right spirit because today is going to be an awesome day. Waking up early lets you envision your day and set the pace for how you want things to go. You will also have enough time to get ready and be at your Pop Up venue long before your customers.

5. EAT: Make sure you are not stepping out of the house on an empty stomach. Having full energy is one less thing to worry about during the day when you are trying to be a BOSS LADY or BOSS GENT. Also make sure to carry snacks for the day in case you are not able to take a real break to eat.

6. 1 HOUR BEFORE: Reach the venue an hour before the official start time of the event. You want to have enough time to set up and relax before your customers show up. In case there are things you forgot, you have time to figure out alternatives. It also gives you time to familiarize yourself with the environment. Talking about that…

7. ETIQUETTES: Get comfortable with the other vendors. Walk around to see what they are selling; ask questions. This is not jungle competition; it is Coopetition. Contribute to making the environment healthy for everyone.

Stay smiling. It always goes a long way. Make a mental note to stay smiling the whole event no matter what happens. People always gravitate to smiles.

And on that note my friends, keep it smiling and I will see you in my next post.

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