Corn Roast and Boots

Posing for my photographer. I love this shot!

I am not sure how to define my style. I do not shop according to the events I want to attend. I do not shop according to what is in fashion. I just buy what I like and when it comes time to put together an outfit, I find inspiration in what I already have. I definitely like to be daring and mix stuff that you will not necessary think of. Not that this outfit is daring but I am in love with the skirt. So many people asked me where I got the skirt from and if only you could see the look of disappointment on their face when I said it is a custom made skirt, designed by Yours Truly 🙂

I picked up both pieces of material alongside others in one of the popular open markets in Yaounde and I was not sure what to do with them. I thought about making a custom denim jacket, but then i was like “nahh.. not visionary enough.” So the pieces sat at home for a full year and it was during my next trip home that I came up with the idea to create this skirt, and Voila! you have the finished product as you see it. I always say my seamstress is my fairy queen. She brings to life all of my designs. She is so so good!!!!

Close-up on the smile and dimples 🙂

Hat: purchased from Nordstrom Rack

Sunglasses: Derek Lam “Juliette”

T-shirt: purchased from TJ Maxx

Skirt: une NanaBenz production

Booties: Rag & Bone “Ellis” Patent Leather

Backpack: Rag & Bone Mini “Pilot”

Let me know know how differently you would have paired this skirt.

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