10 Tips to Successfully Hosting an Indoors Pop Up Event (Part 1)

So you are looking forward to your next opportunity to make some sales and make your brand a little more known. What should you do to ensure lots of sales on the day of as well as continuing sales later? Continue reading, and from my experience, I will point you out to TEN things you should consider to make your day pop!


  1. INVENTORY: Make sure to take inventory of your stock. You want to make sure you know exactly everything that you will be selling on the day of. I advise you create an Excel sheet to keep track or use another computer tool. This is especially important if you are selling smaller things like cosmetics that come in lots of colors, or if you just have a big stock of merchandise in general. Plus, it will come in very handy later when you have to calculate your sales, profit, etc.…
  2. ASSEMBLE PROPS: If you need to bring your own display material, I recommend that you assemble everything beforehand. If possible, test your products in them so that you can envision how things will present themselves on the day of. Assembling your props also helps to ensure that you do not forget any necessities.

Depending on the location you might be able to set up the day before. If this is your case, make sure to take opportunity of it as you will be less stressed on the D-day.

3. SALES STRATEGY: Brief your team, even if it just your mom and yourself. Setting goals for the day of, establishing rules to follow, will help you be more efficient and less tired. Make sure you are setting SMART goals based on the audience and other factors. At the end, you will have a measure to determine if you met your targets or not.

For now, let us stop here. I will save some of the more juicy information for the next post.

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